About Us

Bill PhotoPoo Free Parks® company founder, Bill Airy, is a Denver resident, lover of the outdoors and common-sense environmentalist. Mr. Airy is the parent of two little Jack Russell Terriers, Shaka and Nundi, and a frequent visitor to parks and waterways.

His motivation and goals for starting Poo Free Parks® include:

  • To help keep parks beautiful in an eco-friendly manner
  • To increase the responsibility of dog owners to clean up after their pets in public areas
  • To reduce the demand for harmful plastic bags
  • To reduce soil and wastewater pollutants, like dog waste
  • To provide a public service at minimal cost to the public
  • To promote good corporate citizenship
  • To give companies the opportunity to show their customers that they support “Going Green”
  • To replace existing unsightly and deteriorating dispensers that erode property values with uniformed and attractive dispensers made from recyclable materials (95% aluminum).
  • To help relieve the financial & labor burdens of the overworked Parks and Recreation Departments, so they can focus their time on more important issues and improvements.


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Did You Know?

Plastic Pollution is an Undeniable Environmental Problem

Plastic pollution causes more than 1 million seabirds, 100,000 marine mammals, and uncounted numbers of fish to die in the North Pacific alone, every year.