The Poo Free Parks Sponsorship Program

Through a new and unique public-private partnership, Poo Free Parks supplies, installs, and maintains dog poop bag Dispensers for dog owners to use while walking their furry friends in neighborhood and city parks throughout Metro Denver. Poo Free Parks provides this service at minimal cost to the Municipality and taxpayer.

The program is subsidized by the generous contributions from our sponsors, who are recognized for their support on signage attached to each station.

The Poo Free Parks Service Program

Under a unique service based option, Poo Free Parks will provide the following services:

    • …are constructed from sturdy, yet recyclable aluminum.


    • …are designed to endure harsh weather conditions.


    • …will be replaced and/or repaired when not functioning or fall short of appearance standards.


    • …are secure from people using them as a waste basket.


    • …are reliably stocked with plastic poo bags made from at least 50% recycled material.


    • …are eye catching and pleasant to look at.


  • …are locked to deter theft and vandalism.

    • …are made from at least 50% recycled material (manufacturer’s certification on file with our office, and available on request).


    • …are large.


    • …are easy to open.


  • …are thick and sturdy like lawn/leaf plastic bags, keeping your fingers clean during the collection process.

As caring members of the human community, our maintenance staff works diligently to service every single one of our stations, every single week, regardless of whether or not they are empty. Through this program, overworked Parks & Rec employees will be relieved of any responsibilities for checking bag stations, or securing the funds for keeping them filled with user-friendly supplies.

Poo Free Parks is able to provide this public service at minimal cost to the public by giving businesses the opportunity to sponsor dispensers and bags through advertising on signage attached to each station. Program sponsorship is similar in concept to the litter control programs along our nation’s roads and highways, where a tasteful sign announces what group or company is sponsoring the cleanup of a particular section of road, enabling organizations to contribute to a community service and receive recognition for doing so.

Find A Park Near You

Explore the map below if you would like to visit a park near you to see the Sponsorship Program in action, or if you would like to check out a list of our current sponsors.

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Become a Sponsor

Interested in becoming a sponsor? Contact Adopt A Park Front Range today! 1-855-POO-FREE